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ICCC Training Institute

Our Mission                                       

To Bring a Reformation of Clarity, Insight and Wisdom to Leaders, Churches and Organizations.


Six Disciplines of Study

  1. The Demonstration of the Holy Spirit and of Power – The ministry of the Holy Spirit transforms this school from academics to the reality of God's Presence.
  2. Theology – Understanding Sound Doctrine Concerning the Kingdom of God.
  3. Sociology – Discovering True Identity in Christ and How We Relate to Others.
  4. Evangelism – Learning to Fulfill the Great Commission in the Cultures of the World.
  5. Government – Implementing Biblical Structures in Churches that Facilitate the Ministry of Christ on Earth. (The Holy Spirit is the Administrator of God's Kingdom.)
  6. Worship – Experiencing the Presence of God in Every Aspect of Worship.


Ministry Seminars at Your Church or Region

  • Seminars are Advanced Levels of Instruction with Discussions and Ministry. They include two days of teachings from the Six Disciplines of Study and a Sunday morning capstone message.


Who Would Benefit from These Seminars?

  • Churches and Leaders Who Are Networking with Your Ministry
  • Associate Pastors and Ministry Leaders in Your Church
  • Young Men and Women Training for the Ministry


ICCC Certificates of Completion

  • Participants will receive Certificates of Completion for each Seminar.


For more information contact:

Pastor Dan Rhodes @ dancrhodes@destinynavigators.org

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 831
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: (404) 941-8976
Email: info@theiccc.info

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