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College of Bishops

The International Communion of Charismatic Churches, also known as I.C.C.C., was founded in 1982 and represents an inclusive coalition of national and international ministries. The political and social agendas of the organization are being achieved through the development of national and international Christian networks and coalitions that influence the home, marketplace, and government. Currently the I.C.C.C. is represented by over 5,000 ministries with over 240 Bishops on six continents. There are 11 Bishops that are on the College of Bishops:

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Archbishop Kirby Clements

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa

Archbishop Winnie Owiti

Bishop E.L. Warren

Bishop Dr. Ladonna Osborn

Bishop Levy Knox

Bishop David Azenabor

Bishop Harry Westcott

Bishop Julia Whitehurst Wade

Bishop Joel Thomas

Bishop W.A. Hudgins

Contact Info:

P.O. Box 831
Quincy, IL 62301
Phone: (404) 941-8976
Email: info@theiccc.info

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