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Plain Talk About the Kingdom of God - Part III

Pastor Dan Rhodes
Making the Message of the Kingdom practical does not exclude theological reality. Practical means it's livable, achievable and useful in everyday life. And practical also means leaving a clear path for others to follow.

"What Does God's Kingdom Look Like in My Life?"

  1. The Drama of God's Kingdom Manifests in Your Personal Life


The battle between good and evil didn't stop when Satan was cast out of heaven. Knowing that Adam and Eve were God's Vice-Regents commissioned to rule over the earth (including him), he targeted them for destruction. He successfully lured them into his web of sin and rebellion and disqualified them from fulfilling their mission. Because of their failure, both they and all their children throughout all time (including you and me) were cursed with fallen natures.


Even now, 2,000 years later, the battle of good versus evil continues to rage in our souls. The only hope humankind has for winning this battle is by trusting (having faith in) Jesus, the King of God's Kingdom, who defeated the devil's evil kingdom and stripped demonic forces of their power to enslave believers (Col. 2:15). However, even with the New Birth, our fallen natures are still in us causing a WAR within our souls, pitting our sinful natures against God (Rom. 7:14-25; Gal. 5:16- 21). When we truly believe what the King did and His victory He gave us, He gives us grace to lay aside our fallen natures and put on the "New Self" to serve the King with confidence in His Righteous Kingdom (Eph. 4:22-24). When we do, this is what our lives will look like:


    1. Our Thoughts, Hopes, Dreams and Prayers will be aligned with Christ's righteous standards, not our selfish ambitions.
    2. Our Successes will bring humility and gratitude, not arrogance in self-accomplishments.
    1. Our Discouragements and Failures will press us to seek God's wisdom and learn from our mistakes, rather than blaming others or quitting in discouragement.
    2. Our Friends that we choose will lead us closer to Christ and encourage us to reach our divine purpose, rather than cause us to compromise our walk with God.
    3. Our Finances will reflect that God is our priority when we give tithes and offerings. We will use the money God gives us for doing good for others and sharing generously.
    4. The End of Our Lives will be concluded with joy and confidence knowing that we've fought the good fight, finished our course and kept the faith. Instead of fear, we will look forward to receiving the crown of righteousness because of our faith in our Redeemer and King.


2.   What The Kingdom of God Looks Like in Your Family

Christ's Righteous Rule in Your Heart (His Kingdom) Guides Every Aspect of Your Family.


    1. Children and Teenagers Before Leaving HomeThey obey godly parents (Eph. 6:1-3); hold fast their wisdom (Prov. 4:1-4); and choose the right friends (1 Cor. 15:33).


    1. Entering into MarriageIt's a Covenant Partnership built in trust and love in the presence of God, not just a social contract. It's complimenting each other's destiny in the Lord.


    1. Planning Your Family – God trusts you to properly shape your children's hearts to love and follow the Lord. It's also knowing that they're learning from your unguarded moments.


    1. Raising Your Children – It's dedicating both yourselves and your children to the Lord. It's caring for them the way God cares for you with love, discipline, mercy and forgiveness.


    1. Praying and Playing Together – In God's Kingdom, these are coessential keys to winning the hearts of our children. Let them see the character of Christ in all that you do.


    1. Releasing Your Children to THEIR Destinies…Not Yours! - Set them on a course for their destinies and release them according to their age, maturity and evidences of godly character.


    1. Godly Grandparenting – We serve a trans-generational God who honors the intercessory prayers for our grandchildren. Leave a legacy of godly conduct for them to follow.


3.  What the Kingdom of God Looks Like in Your Vocation

Christ's Righteous Rule in Your Heart (His Kingdom) Impacts the Way You Work.


    1. It's Not About Just Choosing a Career…It's About Yielding to Your Destiny – Your Vocation is more than a chosen career, it's a "Calling" to a particular type of work. Your Destiny is the end product of your both your vocation and your godly influence on earth.


    1. God's Kingdom Impacts Your Work Ethic - Your work ethic and loyalty to your employer has everything to do with God's Righteous Kingdom working in your life. You obey your employers and work diligently because you're really serving God, not men. (Col. 3:22-25).


    1. God's Kingdom Impacts Your Relationship with Your Co-workers God's Kingdom includes how we treat others as well as our relationship with God. Personal ambition is good, unless you're climbing over your colleagues and pushing them down in order to move up the ladder.


    1. God's Kingdom Impacts the Way You Deal with Clients – When you live in God's Kingdom, clients are not targets nor are they territories to conquer. They are human beings, without which you would be out of business and homeless! Serve them; don't lord over them!


    1. God's Kingdom Impacts How You Change Employers or Careers - In God's Kingdom, motives are everything! Be sure your reasons for leaving are proper and that there's not a pattern of discontentment. Remember, there's a right way and a wrong way to leave.


    1. God's Kingdom Impacts Your Concepts of Retirement – First of all, retirement is not a Biblical concept! Yes, as we age, we do change gears…but not into inactivity. Revisit your destiny. Reinvent your life and redirect your energies to influence the next generation.


4.  What the Kingdom of God Looks Like IN THE CHURCH

Jesus, the King of God's Kingdom, Is Continually Bringing His Church to Maturity.


    1. Churches Who Understand God's Kingdom Prepare for Battle Against the Powers of Evil (Matt. 16:18) – Because of our mission, we are targeted by Satanic powers to discredit and destroy our witness in the world. Without using Christ's victory over Satan, we lose the war!


    1. Churches Who Understand God's Kingdom Have a Strategic Plan for Fulfilling Their Mission
      • Our Strategy is all-inclusive. We yield to the power of Christ that guides us, sends us into the world, corrects our course, empowers us by His Spirit, and reveals the mysteries of His Kingdom.


    1. Churches Who Understand God's Kingdom Mirror Christ's Philosophy of Ministry – The King of God's Kingdom began His ministry with the power of the Holy Spirit, preaching the Gospel, releasing the captives and those who are oppressed (Luke 4:18-19). So should we!


    1. Churches Who Understand God's Kingdom Rise Victoriously Above Their Crises – We have God's discernment to know whether our crises are from God for correction, from human failure or from demonic attack. Then we handle them according to the King's power.


    1. Church Staffs Who Understand God's Kingdom Operate in Oneness of Vision – We are co-laborers, not passive implementers of the vision. We know our identity in Christ and we serve God, not just Senior Leadership. We are personally accountable to God for our work.


    1. Our Ministry Programs and Outreach Are Aligned with a Biblically Sound Vision and Philosophy of Ministry – We have a strategy of love and compassion as we relate to the world, influence community leaders and give real solutions for human problems.


    1. Churches Who Understand God's Kingdom Have a Biblical View of Leadership Succession
      • We choose faithful men or women who are called and anointed to carry on and expand the mission of our church. We mentor the next generation and release them in God's timing.

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