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The International Communion of Charismatic Churches is a global organization that endeavors to unite previously independent ministries under the banner and cause of Jesus Christ.

The ICCC is committed to an inclusive approach to Christian ministry and has been established to break down the walls that divide us including denomination, race, national origin, gender, or economic status. We believe that this establishes our credibility to reach the world.

The ICCC is determined to live by and uphold the highest standards of Biblical ethics and Christian integrity, while never dishonoring those who fail to do so. Our desire will always be to balance the need for dialogue and fresh revelation, with a responsibility to guard the historical doctrines of the Christian faith.

The ICCC will never condone, nor cover up, nor encourage the private or public violation of the holy standards of God's word, our sense of human respect and decency, and or civil responsibility. We stand accountable first and foremost to God, then to one another, and finally to the precious people Christ died for and called us to serve.

The College of Bishops, and its new leadership, has never been more determined to uphold these principles and to learn from recent events. We now and forever more take full responsibility for the glorious message we so proudly preach.

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