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Dr. Kirby Clements
The rise of any spiritual movement usually generates interest and emphasis upon a certain doctrine, practice, and behavior. There develops a minority that seem to become designated as the leaders. Around such leadership there is the formation of conferences, networks, associations and a host of publications.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Where are we going? What are we doing? How are we to get there? And is there a Divine agenda? These are critical questions considering the "sea" of information, ideas, objectives, values, and practices available to our contemporary redeemed communities.
Dr. Kirby Clements
There was a time when we were so heavenly minded that we were of no earthly good. We were so preoccupied with the great catching away, angelic visitors, and streets of gold that we neglected any concern for this world. There was enough Biblical information to support our theology of escape and "otherliness."
Dr. Kirby Clements
Paul expresses his desire to know Him and the power of His resurrection and be made conformable to His image and likeness. These three critical objectives, the resurrection, Holy Spirit, and redemption, are fundamental to the apostle.
Dr. Nathan Culver
In a recent conference I attended in Atlanta, GA I sat and listened to a successful entrepreneur talk about the struggles she had with the church after her conversion experience. She shared how much of a challenge it was trying to serve and help the local church because she operated in business a certain way that caused her to be successful while she noticed the church often operated in a much slower and less productive manner.
Dr. Nathan Culver
In the body of Christ we primarily associate the anointing with the ministry of preaching. This is a huge misconception because the anointing is not only for preaching or to enable us to operate in spiritual gifts. The anointing of God is the enabling power of God given by the Holy Spirit for the purpose of fulfilling the assignment God has entrusted to us.
Dr. Kirby Clements
The subtlety of any anti-Christian sentiment is to raise suspicion and even an intellectual skepticism regarding the reality of spiritual things. When doubt masquerades as intelligence, then ignorance is called knowledge, fear is believed to be courage, and foolishness and presumption are thought to be faith. The consequence of such thinking is rebellion.
Carolyn Driver
According to Webster's New World Dictionary p.647, one of the definitions of sabotage is: "any harm done to some effort in order to get it to fail." Therefore, self-sabotage is when we ourselves do harm to our own efforts.
Carolyn Driver
In my travels, I continually meet people who aren't fulfilling their destiny. They appear to be frustrated and without direction. When I talk with these individuals, I usually discover that they are allowing past mistakes to impact their present and determine their future. The past is somehow keeping them from going on to greater things.
Carolyn Driver
Do you have a God-given dream that has not yet happened? If so, let me encourage you to hang onto your dream. Be faithful to God and His instructions. Don't be discouraged by how much time has gone by. Don't be discouraged that you (in the natural) are not the most qualified. If God gave the dream, though it tarries, wait—for it shall surely come to pass.

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