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Dr. Kirby Clements
There is a time clock installed within all of us at birth that determines our sleeping and awakening patterns. For that reason, some of us are "day people" and some are "night people." That is, our circadian rhythm dictates our periods of creativity, sociability, and productivity.
Dr. Kirby Clements
The idea of God being a writer is evident throughout the prophetical literature. King Belshazzar experienced a Divine sentenced written upon the wall (Dan. 5). The apostolic writer refers to the saints as "living epistles."
Dr. Kirby Clements
Faith is our contractual relationship with God. It is propositional since it is based upon our acceptance of absolute truths. The character of faith is dependent upon the integrity of the knowledge and information that is heard and believed.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Paul presents the idea of equity or a return on earthly investment in the Philippian epistle (4:17). Hebrews 13 is a cascade of witnesses who invested their lives with a more glorious return in mind.
Dr. Kirby Clements
A paradox is a statement, belief, or perspective that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense. The prophet Isaiah writes that Divine thoughts are not the same as human thoughts (Isa. 55:6) and the Lord Jesus declares that His kingdom is not of this world (Jn. 16:13).
Dr. Kirby Clements
One of the diagnostic tools that I use in my dental office is x-rays. They enable me to see the unseen and to evaluate the oral health status of my patients. What if there were x-rays available for the churches?
Dr. Kirby Clements
Our fundamental challenge as believers is conceptual. Our interpretation or misinterpretation of historic principles, experiences and even people influence the nature and dimension of our faith. Since faith comes by hearing, then the quality of our faith depends upon the integrity of the gospel that we hear and believe.
Dr. Kirby Clements
Social and even spiritual progress is generally characterized by a dissatisfaction with the status quo and some anticipated hope in the future. This generally requires a depreciation of current ideas, thoughts, and practices in order to establish credibility to new ones.
Dr. Kirby Clements
There is evidence to support the idea that some revelation is dependent upon the interaction with other people. Such was the case of Apollos who was eloquent and mighty in the scriptures (Acts 18:24-26). Although he was fervent in spirit and taught diligently the things of the Lord, he only knew the baptism of John.
Dr. Kirby Clements
The prophet Jeremiah is instructed by the Spirit to go down to the potter shed and await a Divine visitation (Jer. 18:1-11). Interesting enough, the Spirit would not speak to Jeremiah at his current residence but directed the prophet to come to a certain local.

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