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Greetings to all members and friends. Welcome to the Official Web Site of the ICCC. Proximity and knowledge is power.  May this web site bring us closer together and provide the resources we need to connect the world through our gifts and callings. Click Below to hear me share the Importance of the ICCC.

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A Perspective Christianity is a progressive faith. From the creation narrative recorded in the book of Genesis to the consummation of all things that are witnessed in Revelation, there is gradual unfolding of knowledge, truth, experiences, and events

Spiritual Competence Success at the wrong thing can be dangerous. Emulation without revelation is counterproductive. To emulate the character and even good deeds of others is complementary, however, to seek to duplicate another ministry or even calling without a Divine mandate is a dangerous proposition.

AVOIDING SPIRITUAL AND PRACTICAL DISAPPOINTMENT The rise of any spiritual movement usually generates interest and emphasis upon a certain doctrine, practice, and behavior. There develops a minority that seem to become designated as the leaders. Around such leadership there is the formation of conferences, networks, associations and a host of publications.

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Upcoming Events

March 18, 2019 ICCC Global Conference Call Free Call 3pm EST

April 15, 2019 ICCC Global Conference Call Free Call 3pm EST

May 1, 2019 Global Gathering 2019 The Westin Hotel (Atlanta Airport) 4736 Best Road Atlanta, GA 30337 (888) 627-7211 (Reserve Rooms before April 9, 2019) Wednesday Registration 9am - 7pm Opening Service 7pm On Site Registration 9am - 7pm Daily Morning and Afternoon Speakers and Panel Discussions as Follows: Thursday 9am - 12 pm Lunch 12 pm - 1pm 1pm - 3pm Friday 9am - 12 pm Lunch 12 pm - 1pm 1pm - 3pm

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